Dedication to Daddy

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Thank you to all that came out to support my "what's it all for" dedication show for my dad.

In July of 2009 within three days our dad had a stroke and heart attack. The thoughts behind the poem “unnu must come” came from that experience as my sisters and I rushed to Florida to be by his side.  (this piece is delivered partially with a Jamaican accent)


Unnu Must Come

Unnu must come

Come fast!!!

Four days prior to the last

Now a year and a half has passed

If it were to be that day

Or in the future

Either would be his last

The lone thing in common

Is that he has passed

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write

What hasn’t happened

Although the process is coming to pass

Unna must come

Come fast!!!

An invitation

But I’d rather live in the past

Now I pass the worse

Yet the worst is yet to come

Unna must come

Come fast!!!

Copyright © 2010 Philip J. Curtis All Rights Reserved



Hold me

Touch the pain I wish to bare

Relieve it for but a minute

As you lay next to me

Hold me so that I know that you care

Silently whisper your feelings into my ear

I turn you over and shed yet another

I come to you although you cannot hear

But feel the flow

Tears on my pillow

Copyright © 2010 Philip J. Curtis All Rights Reserved

The piece "Goodbye" was the first poem I wrote after our dad was laid to rest. It was written on the plane as I returned home.


What happens when you die


But since I’m still among the living

What really happens

When, how, and why

I never understood nor could I understand why some never say goodbye

To put it simply you just can’t

As I know that I won’t

See, I’ve already outlived my mother yet I’d hear stories each and every day about her

Before, it was when Gwen was alive

Combined with the many “I remember when”

Your mother, your mother was a good woman

(better than those still amongst the living)

A question I’ve kept deep inside of me

Since those older than me would never let her be

Now its happening to me

You never say goodbye

Me, I won’t attempt to try

Time to take the time and rethink the many words, sayings, lessons that Daddy shared

At times the simplest words may draw a tear

Daddy would ask, what are you crying for

I cry because I miss him

There remain lessons he wanted to teach

I’ll never be perfect but can I not be a better man complete

Rhetorical, again I search his words

Life through my minds eye

Since I’ll never say goodbye

Copyright © 2010 Philip J. Curtis All Rights Reserved

I Heard


I heard a voice I never heard before

Original words never spoke before

Nor will I ever hear them specifically again

Pierced deep

Penetrated through my skin

I must be strong

This shocked expectation

Seventy-five beats down to the mid fifties

Minus one by one

The 954 area code shake

Process the words

Processing the reality

I heard a voice I never heard before

Robert was his name

Your dad just passed was his message

Copyright © 2010 Philip J. Curtis All Rights Reserved

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